Sara Abel offers Play Therapy to children and young adults.



What is play therapy?  

Play therapy is non-verbal counselling and intervention, for young children, adolescents and adults. Play therapy involves play, sand play, music and arts and crafts to create a safe environment. By using play as a form of communication children/young adults are comfortably able to confront their social, behavioural and emotional problems.

Who can play therapy help?

If your child…..

  • Is not realising their full potential – academically, or socially?
  • Has nightmares or has disturbed sleep?
  • Is at risk of being/is excluded from school?
  • Has suffered trauma?
  • Has suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse?
  • Is adopted or fostered or in the process of being?
  • Suffers because of separated/divorced parents?
  • Suffers from anxiety, stress or phobias?
  • Has suffered a loss or bereavement of any kind?
  • Is withdrawn or continually unhappy?
  • Is ill, disabled, or autistic?
  • Finds it difficult to make friends?
  • Quarrels frequently with peers or siblings?
  • Bullies others or is bullied themselves?
  • Displays inappropriate behaviour?
  • Doesn’t play?

Please contact me if you would like to discuss Counselling or Play Therapy. I offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and answer any questions you might have. Please email me using the contact page or call me Sara on 07510 399 429.